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The University of Iowa

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 Roy J. Carver Center for Comparative Genomics

300, 301, 303, 307, 310 Biology Building

Iowa City, IA 52242-1324 USA 


Office: 319-335-1082
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John M. Logsdon, Jr.

Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Iowa

Director, Pentacrest Museums

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My lab works on a variety of related topics in molecular evolution.

SEX & MEIOSIS: Exploring the origin and evolution of meiotic genes in diverse eukaryotes.

·       Molecular evolution and phylogeny of recA homologs (RAD51 and DMC1)

·       Isolation of a variety of meiosis-related genes from protists

·       Functional studies of meiotic genes isolated from protists

·       Bioinformatic studies of meiosis and recombination/repair genes

TREES: Understanding the molecular phylogeny of eukaryotes.

·       Using complex gene families to root the eukaryotic tree of life

·       Isolating new protein genes to address thorny issues

GENOMES: Discovery and analysis of genomic sequence from key protists

·       Comparative bioinformatics of protist genomes

·       Random-sequencing as a basis for considering genomes for completion

·       Grist for the main hypothesis-driven research in the lab

INTRONS: Understanding of the origin and evolution of spliceosomal introns

·       What are their roles in eukaryotic genome evolution?

·       What is their phylogenetic distribution?

LATERAL GENE TRANSFER: Developing a better understanding of the frequency, roles, distribution and phylogenetic impacts of LGT in prokaryotes

·       Comparative bioinformatics of bacterial genomes

·       Mathematical modeling/ computer simulation

            Members of the Logsdon Lab in front of MacBride Natural History Museum, June 2011.

Top Row, from left: Elizabeth Savelkoul, Robert Ready, Patric Vaelli, (Charles Darwin) R. Taylor Raborn, Robert Ingram, Cindy Brochu.

2nd Row, from left: Andrew Schurko, John Logsdon.

Front Row, from left: Sara Hanson, Sue, Danielle Beekman.

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