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SMBE 2009 Meeting

People in the Logsdon lab:

John Logsdon, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator.

Trying to keep his and everybody else's act together.

Taylor Raborn, B.Sc. (Hons.)

Ph.D. Candidate.

Systematic analysis of transcription start sites and 5' untranslated regions in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Alternative splicing and unusual transcription in budding yeast meiosis.

Cindy Toll, M.A., M.A.T.

Research Assistant II.

Lab management, sequencing, isolation and analyses of meiotic genes, and isolation of protist actin, alpha- & beta-tubulin, RPB1, RPB2 and SSU genes for inference of the tree of eukaryotic life.

Elizabeth Savelkoul, B.A.

Ph.D. Candidate.

Evolution of fungal meiotic genes.

Danielle Beekman, B.S.

Ph.D. Candidate.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Genetics.

Evolution of animal cohesin genes.

Sara Hanson, B.S.

Ph.D. Candidate.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Genetics.

Anaysis of meiotic gene expression in sexual and asexual rotifers

Robert Ingram, B.S.
Undergraduate Students (2011):

Patric Vaelli,

Biology (Senior, Class of 2012)

   Robert Ready

Former Lab Members:

Postdoctoral researchers:

Marilee Ramesh, Ph.D. Isolation and comparative analysis of Giardia meiotic genes and Spo11 homologs from diverse protists.
Eli Stahl, Ph.D. Evolutionary genetics of rare plant species in association with the Atlanta Botanical Garden.
John Besemer, Ph.D. Bioinformatic analysis of prokaryotic lateral gene transfer.

Xiaoxu Han, Ph.D. Mathematical modelling of phyloinformatic issues.

Robert Moore, Ph.D. Molecular identification of Chromera veila. Analysis of meiotic genes and the tree of life.

Zheng Wang, Ph.D. Evolutionary relationships of protist RPB2 genes and fungal meiotic genes.

Shehre-Banoo Malik, Ph.D. Early evolution of core meiotic genes. Evolutionary analyses of protist RPB1 genes.

Olaf Mueller, Ph.D. Bioinformatic analyses of fungal meiotic genes.

Andrew Schurko, Ph.D. Studies of Nasonia and Daphnia meiotic genes, and scandalous Bdelloid rotifers.

Doctoral students:

Linda Demma, Ph.D. 2003, PBEE, Emory University, co-supervised by Silvija Staprans and Mark Feinberg. Evolution of SIV populations in natural and non-natural hosts.
Andrew Stewart, Ph.D. 2003, PBEE, Emory University, co-supervised by Steve Kelley. Experimental viral evolution to understand the relationship between virulence and mode of tranmission.

Shehre-Banoo Malik, Ph.D. 2007, Biology, University of Iowa. Early evolution of meiotic genes. Cloning & evolutionary analyses of gene duplication of protist RPB1, Spo11 & MutS homologs. LGT analysis of IMPDH.

Vandy Vanderford, Ph.D. 2007, PBEE, Emory University, co-supervised by Silvija Staprans. Evolution of SIV populations in natural and non-natural hosts.

John McQuiston, Ph.D. 2008, PBEE, Emory University, co-supervised by Rob Tauxe, CDC. Salmonella antigen evolution and lateral transfer of the genes involved.

Arthur W. Pightling, Ph.D. 2011, Biology, University of Iowa. Early origins of meiotic genes by duplication and subsequent losses. Evolutionary analyses and cloning of the protist meiotic genes, including RecA, MutL, Rad54/Snf2 and Rad52 gene families.

Master's students:

Jing Yuan, M.S. 2007. Isolated protist RPB1 for inference of the tree of eukaryotic life.

Glenn Morse, M.S. 2007. Isolation of Apusozoan RPB1 genes and analyses of yeast introns.


Joel Boggan, 2003, High Honors, Emory University. RNA polymerase phylogeny of protists.
Betsy Chaitkin, 2004, High Honors, Emory University. SURE student, 2003. Evolution of Salmonella, with J. McQuiston, CDC.
Josh Doyle, 2004, High Honors, Emory University. Summer student, 2003. Molecular phylogeny of Salmonella, with J. McQuiston, CDC.
Amanda Lee, 2005, Honors. Organization of meiotic genes in yeast.
Fadi Towfic, 2006, Honors. Bioinformatic analysis of multimeric proteins.
Erika Takle, 2006, Honors. Cloning fly cohesins.
Nevin Sebastian, 2003-6. Protist RecA and RPB1.
Kate McKiernan, 2007. Excavate RPB1 isolation with B. Malik.

Rob Adams, 2006-7. Analysis of S. cerevisiae TSS & 5' UTRs with T. RAborn.

Trina Wellendorf, 2007. Honors. Isolation of rotifer meiotic genes.

Jonathan Edwards, 2007. Morehouse College senior and A.G.E.P. (Alliance for Graduate Education in the Professoriate) summer student. Analysis of 5' UTR introns in S. cerevisiae with T. Raborn.

Abram Doval, 2005-7

Becca Hernan, 2008-2009. Isolation of protist recA homologs with A. Pightling.

Mitchell Stephenson, 2008-. Analysis of transcription start site usage in yeast with Taylor Raborn.

Rotating graduate students:

KariAn Lee, Biological Sciences, Cloning rotifer Mnd1, MutS and RecA.
Bill Lanier, Genetics, Bioinformatics of eukaryotic RecA homologs.
Cristina Liggett, Biological Sciences, Cloning and bioinformatics of fly & yeast meiotic genes.
Sarah McMordie, BioSciences, Organization of meiotic genes in yeast.
Rebecca Hart-Schmidt, Biological Sciences. Cloning rotifer RecA and Snf2.
Nidhi Sahni, Biological Sciences. Cloning protist RecA homologs.
Alissa Hulstrand, Genetics. Bioinformatic analysis and cloning of protist Spo11 homologs.
Ramesh Ratnappan, Biological Sciences. Cloning rotifer MutS genes.
Derek Peters, Biological Sciences. PCR of rotifer meiotic genes.
Nagnath Jadhav, Biological Sciences. Database of meiotic genes.

Emory Rotating graduate students:

Carla Boulianne, PBEE, PCR of DMC1 genes.
Diane Genereux, PBEE, PhD 2005. Horizontal gene transfer and modeling gene duplication.
Jerry Palmer, GMB, Bioinformatics of meiotic proteins and software development.
Tonya Mixson, PBEE, PhD 2006. PCR of DMC1 genes.
Andy Bennett, GMB, Bioinformatic analyses of oligomeric proteins.
Justin Cotney, GMB, Organization of meiotic genes in yeast.
Andrea McCollum, PBEE, Cloning rotifer Spo11 & RecA.
Chad Wilson, PROMISE program, PCR of protist RNA polymerase genes.

Research Assistants:

Mike Polignano (Work-study)
Shehzad Ali (Work-study)
Donald Pham (Work Study)
Shana Kerr. Sequencing and independant and collaborative research projects. Also a 2002 SURE student.
Courtney Smith. (Work-study)
Lauren Stefaniak. Cloning, sequencing and BLAST of protist meiotic genes.
Cristina Liggett. Meiotic gene bioinformatics.
Elizabeth Johnson. PCR of three genes from three protists for the tree of life project.
Sonja Smith. Genetic analysis of yeast meiotic proteins, jointly with Dr. Bob Malone's lab.
Jonathan Thompson. Isolation of protist RPB2 homologs.

Nicole Adams. Sequencing and independant and collaborative research projects.

Aaron Fishburn. Lab maintenance and DNA sequencing.

Trina Wellendorf, Assistant to A. Schurko.

Thao Kieu. (Work-study)

Emily Petruccelli, Isolation and sequencing of rotifer meiotic genes.

Alex Marlow. Lab support (2007-).

Visiting Scientist:

Sujatha Seenu. Bioinformatic analysis of intron evolution.


Secondary Student Training Program:

Justine Olszewski, 2005. Cloning and analysis of MutS genes with B. Malik.

Lily Zeng, 2006. Hsp90 amplification with N. Adams.

Lavanya Singh, 2007. Actin, alpha- and beta-tubulin and SSU amplification with C. Brochu.



Daria Kieffer, West High School junior. Degenerate PCR of Dictyostelium spp. RecA homologs, with A. Pightling.

Ramon Galindo. Yeast meiosis analyses with T. Raborn.

Amanda Owings, 2005-9

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